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OffSet is a music education property created to directly support education, creative development and capacity building of both, the learners and educators, through a community approach.


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OffSet Education is thrilled to announce its inaugural apprenticeship program, "Off Course".

This initiative aims to provide hands-on learning experiences in music and performance venues, cultivating the next generation of sound engineers, light designers, stage technicians, managers, and well-rounded musicians.

We’re excited to announce that the first edition of “Off COurse” is in collaboration with COntrol ALT Delete music festival which takes place on 13th and 14th January 2024.

Out of the Box

The education podcast

The world of Music Education in India is based on systems that are designed around traditional music education practices. In this podcast, Nush Lewis and Shanelle Rodrigues explore this cultural shift in training methodologies with some of the country’s most diversified & qualified educators experimenting with the road less taken.

Music educator community

IWe at OffSet Education want to bring music educators together to create a support system where we exchange ideas, practices and create a community space to learn from each other.

Press Mentions

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NOVEMBER 12, 2019

Nush Lewis on her music education project – Offset

The ideas for new workshops arise organically. Lewis says she sometimes gets ideas when she’s out watching bands or musicians play, and tries to build something around that.

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Aug 22, 2022

‘Out of the Box’: A Podcast that Brings Music Educators to the Forefront

That idea has now snowballed into a podcast called Out of the Box that Lewis hosts alongside Shanelle Rodrigues from Shanelle’s Piano Studio.


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